Technology in the Classroom - Publish to the World!

CASAS Summer Institute
June 17, 2010
Marian Thacher, OTAN, mthacher at otan dot us
Penny Pearson, OTAN, ppearson at otan dot us
Here is my handout. TechinClsrmHO.doc

And here are the slides (3 to a page, color): TechInClassroomHOcolor.pdf

Slides, 6 to a page, black and white: TechInClassroomHObw.pdf

· Background on Need for Technology in Adult Education

o Reach Higher America report, CAAL,

o The Power of Technology to Transform Adult Learning, Mary McCain, CAAL,

o Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Indpendent Online Learning

o New Horizons Report

Video about gesture-based computing:

o The National Education Technology Plan 2010 (draft posted March 2010)

· What is Web 2.0?

Watch the video -

Poll Everywhere -

· Wikis

The Adult Literacy Education wiki -
Adult Literacy Wiki, 5 yrs old, now over 1300 pages
More adult ed examples at
Video by CommonCraft: plain-english

· Cell Phones

Text Messages
where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

Picture or Video Messages
Can be a different email, such as AT&T:

Posting an Audio File
Gabcast – - Post audio files, a regular “radio show,” invite others to post – – another free service to post almost anything
DropBox – – lets you save materials from one computer and make them available on another one. Have to
download the software. Basic version is free.

· iPod Touch Links to lists of apps Flashlight -

· Google Docs

Social Bookmarking

· Save your bookmarks online
· Share with friends and colleagues
· See what others are bookmarking

Social Networking – easily create a social network with discussion forums, blogs, photos, videos, docs – professional networking – primarily social, but many professional organizations have a presence – short posts, quick communication, part of a “channel” or group, such as a conference