Technology in the Classroom - Publish to the World!
CASAS Summer Institute
June 23, 2009
Marian Thacher & Branka Marceta, OTAN
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• Technology in Adult Ed Legislation
• Technology in the Future
• Mobile Instruction
• eWhiteboard
• Student Response Systems
• Document Camera
• Moodle
• Audio
• Video
• Blogs
• Wikis

Your Role

• Teachers, Coordinators, Administrators?
• Not from California?
• Never heard of OTAN?
• Program area – ESL, ABE/ASE, Corrections, Other?
• How many years in adult education?
• Came to this session last year?
• What are you hoping to get from this workshop?

What is OTAN?

• Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
• One of 4 adult education leadership projects in California
• Providing electronic collaboration, access to information, and technical assistance to literacy and adult education
providers in California

Resources on OTAN

Technology Planning
Resources for Teachers
Lesson Plan Builder
Students Succeed Project
PD Calendar
Online Document Collection
Program directory, member directory
Laws and Legislation

PowerPoint Presentation


Downlodable presentation:

New Legislation, Obama, and You!

• We will have new defining legislation
• There will be more emphasis on technology
– For the classroom
– For delivery of instruction
– For program administration and marketing
• Why?

Workforce Investment Act - Reauthorization

• WIA – waiting for reauthorization
• New Bill – Adult Education and Economic Growth Act
• Currently being worked on in the Senate
• Will determine shape and activities of adult education

Adult Education and Economic Growth Act

• Requires the state adult education plan to include “a description of how the State will use technology to expand access to and improve the quality of adult education, literacy, and workplace skills services;”

Nat’l Institute for Adult Ed, Literacy, and Workplace Skills

• Describes one purpose of the Institute as “providing national leadership on the use of technology for adult education;”

National Leadership Activities

• One goal is to provide “assistance in distance learning and promoting and improving the use of technology in the classroom.”

Title III – 21st Century Technology and Skills for Adult Learners
• To expand access through technology
• Provide PD re using technology
• Develop a modern delivery system
• Help adult learners get tech literate

Technology Literacy

• “The knowledge and skills in using contemporary information, communication and learning technologies in a manner necessary for successful lifelong learning and citizenship in the knowledge-based, digital, and global 21st Century…”

Proposed Funding

• $250 million
• $7.5 million for National Tech Center
• $50 million for state level activities
• $187 million for local agency activities – distributed through grants

Why is Technology Important?

“Technology should be used in all its forms to make learning a continuous process of inquiry and improvement that keeps pace with the speed of change in business and society.”

Where are we going??

Web 2.0 is a publishing revolution
• A tidal wave of information
• Everything is becoming participative

Where are we going??

(Steve Hargadon)
• We are pro-sumers
• The age of the collaborator
• Social learning moves to center stage

More Thoughts from Steve

• From consuming to producing
• From authority to transparency
• From the expert to the facilitator
• From the lecture to the hallway
• From "access to information" to "access to people“
• From "learning about" to "learning to be“
• From passive to passionate learning
• From presentation to participation
• From publication to conversation
• From formal schooling to lifelong learning

Horizon Report

• 1 Yr or Less
– Collaborative Environment
– Online Communication Tools
• 2 to 3 Years
– Mobile Devices
– Cloud Computing
• 4 to 5 Years
– Smart Objects
– The Personal Web

Pick One!

• Significant challenges
– Need instruction on info lit, visual lit, tech lit
– Students are different, but curriculum is not
– Formal assessment strategies don’t match needed learning
– Available data outstrips our ability to manage it
– Delivery of content to mobile devices

Mobile Devices - mLearning

Cell Phones for Adult Learning?
• Basic features of the mobile phone
– Texting
– Photos
– Video
– Audio
– Calculator
– Calendar
– Browser


• Question of the Day
– Are you practicing English?
– Did you complete the math homework?
– Please bring your math homework to class tomorrow
– What does Information Literacy mean?
– How many centimeters are there in one meter?
– Did you watch 60 Minutes last night? Text me one thing you learned.
– ???


• Ask students to take a photo with their phone (my children, my best friend, my pet, a flower, my street), and write a description
• Send the photo to an album on Photobucket, or to a Flickr or Picasa account
• Ask students to visit the album and write comments on each other’s photos


• Create a Flickr account
• Go to to get your unique email address
• Take a picture
• Send it to your unique email
• View photo online!


• Requirements
– Cell phone with camera
– Send email from cell phone
• Take a picture and send it to
• Go to online
• Log in – sgaer and 123456
• Edit and save your photo

Posting Audio Files

• GabCast
• More later

Interactive White Boards

What is it?
• A whiteboard that acts like your monitor
• You can click and double-click on the whiteboard
• You can write notes on PowerPoint slides or other documents and save them
• You can take notes like on a flip chart
• Move pages around
• Convert handwriting to text
• Move words around

How many using them in CA?
eBoard in the ABE Classroom – Video

Internet for Whole Group
• Project Internet sites such as pictures or pronunciation

Software for Whole Group
• Project instructional software and let students work from board

Students can manipulate text and objects with one finger

How Much?
• Promethean - $2500 - $4500
• Smart - $1,000 - $10,000

Some Web Sites
• More videos of ESL class
– Ed Tech & Media > Video Gallery
• Videos of what you can do with an interactive whiteboard

Talk to your partners
• Name 3 things you can do with an electronic whiteboard that you can’t do with a regular one.

Document Camera

• Contains a camera
• Show a workbook page, medicine label, or piece of fruit
• No more transparencies

What can you do with it?
• With a worksheet
• Showing an object
• Zooming in
• Project a little bit of text
• Focus for a pair activity
• Project any page or picture
• Students describe or tell a story
• Only have to make materials once
• Strip stories
• Matching activity

Document Camera
• What’s the difference between a document camera and an overhead projector?
• Why use a document camera?
• What lesson would you like to have a document camera for?

Student Response Systems

What are they?
• A tool for instant formative assessment
• A way to get feedback on the class
• Can save and export data
• A variety of question types – T/F, Multiple Choice, Short Answer

What is the cost?
• Qwizdom – only works within Powerpoint and other slide programs - $1250
• ActiveExpression from Promethean - $2500

More Info
• Description of clickers and how to use them
• 7 Things You Should Know About Clickers -

How has the Web changed in the last 5 years?

• Easy to create a Web site
• Anyone can have a blog
• Comment on each other’s blog posts, photos, videos, bookmarks
• “Watch” what other people are doing, thinking, reading, talking about
• Your network now includes “strangers”! (and strangers are not so strange)

Audio Online

• Podcasts
• VoiceThread
• OTAN’s Web-based Activities (link)

Audio drop box by CLEAR

• Michigan State University, Center for Language Education and Research
• Rich Internet Application Software (link)

Video Online

YouTube for Education
• Teachertube, youtube, schooltube, etc.

Streaming Video for Education

OTAN Video Gallery

• Technology Integration
• Students Succeed Stories


What is Possible in Moodle?
• Documents
• Slides
• Links to media
• Discussions
• Quizzes
• Examples

What is Moodle?
• Course management system
• Open source – free to download
• Some support issues
• Programmers are always developing new “modules”

What Does OTAN Offer?
• Get your own Moodle course shell
• Get trained – online or face-to-face
• Up to 2 active courses
• Up to 25 tech support calls for free
• Can request customized school Moodle site
• More than 2 courses – need service agreement


What’s your experience with blogs?
Blogs in the Classroom
• How
– Writing assignments
– Journaling
– Comment on each other’s blogs
• Why
– Publish
– Share
– Get feedback

Where to find examples
• Overview and articles about blogs
• Teacher blogs and student blogs
• Examples from different program areas

Free Blog Sites
• Edublogs (Word Press)
• Blogger
• 21 Classes
• LiveJournal


Wikis in the Classroom
• Use for collaborative projects
• Can collaborate across distance
• Can add graphics, slide shows, videos, widgets
• Easy to add and link pages
• Can give each student a page, or pages

Blogs vs Wikis

• Usually a single author
• Reverse chronological structure
• Usually personal
• External links
• Compose online

• Usually many authors
• Stucture determined by content
• Usually objective
• Internal & external links
• Compose online
• Editable Web pages
• Wikipedia
• Adult Literacy Education
• More examples

Social Networking

What is a Social Networking Site?
• A Web site that allows users to connect, communicate and/or share information with each other

Examples of Social Networking
• Blogs, Vlogs, Miniblogs, Microblogs
•, Magnolia, Diigo
• Facebook, MySpace
• Yahoo Groups, Ning
• Flickr, YouTube, TeacherTube
• RSS, Google Reader
• LibraryThing, Shelfari
• FriendFeed, SocialThing

“Traditional” Social Networking
• MySpace – OBT example
• Facebook – Used more by college students
• 500 groups related to ESL!
• Yahoo Groups

New Social Networking
• Ning
• A list of social network sites for education
• English teachers in Mexico
• Classroom 2.0
• Go to the wiki

Keeping up with your network
• Aggregators, Feeds
• My Yahoo
• Google Reader
• Jaiku, Friendfeed, SocialThing
• Go to the wiki

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking and Tagging
• How you save sites now
• Bookmarking
• Tagging
• Tag clouds
• Go to the wiki
• Video
• Examples
• Tagging

• Highlighting
• Sharing
• Groups and Lists

Thank you!