TESOL Academy 2012
Cal State Fullerton
July 13-14
21st Century Skills – What Do Teachers Need to Know?
Positive Online Presence
Here are some places you may want to have a positive online presence:

Create a separate email address, Facebook account, etc. for professional presence, if needed.

Set up a Google Alert for your name, email address, unique nicknames

Articles on Forbes.com re why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years.



Ideas for teaching with Twitter

OTAN on Twitter

Follow otan on Twitter
Follow otan on Twitter

Some suggestions on how to find people to follow on Twitter:

From the OVAE Technology list, 11/30/2010

To find the "right" people to follow on Twitter, use tools like WeFollow , TwitsLikeMe , Twellow , Twibes , TweepML

Find subject matter you are interested in and follow people who share it. Once you have a few good people, look at their followers. The other way is to search using hash tags #edchat, #adultliteracy, #esl or whatever topic. Then look at the "tweets" from people and follow those who are providing interesting material. Twitter has become one of the most valuable resources I have ever used to connect, collaborate and share great resources with like-minded professionals

Patty Ball, Reg. Technology Coordinator
NorthEast SABES c/o NECC

Other Twitter Resources:

There was also a recent Education Week chat with Will Richardson on 21st Century Learning: Teaching Network Literacy during which Richardson speaks about using Twitter for personal learning as part of an Online Learning Network—for both himself as professionals but also for with adult learners to create their own Online Learning Networks.

National Public Radio’s On the Media called The Point of Twitter which looks at how twitter is being used by people. (Thanks for the reference, Nell Eckersley!)

You can search Twitter without having a Twitter account http://search.twitter.com/ . Try typing in #EdTech #AdultEd or #TechPD to see the kinds of information being shared this way. And if you do have a Twitter account this is also a way to find people to follow.

Frameworks and mandates


Mobile Phones

Here is a whole page full of cell phone teaching ideas! This is Susan Gaer's page, and many of the ideas are her lessons.
Here is a link to Susan Gaer's "Favorite Clothes" lesson, with complete lesson plan and links.Here is a collection of ideas from adult educators on how to use mobile phones in teaching.

Google Voice
Forward calls to your Google Voice number to any phone. Respond on computer or by phone. Save, share and embed voicemails.Google_voicemail.png


Voki - Here is the OTAN Voki example.
Here is my voki. Please create your own voki with an answer to this question, get a link for it, and email me the link. I would like to post your answers here.

Here is a link to another Voki lesson where students read their own poetry via a Voki.

VoiceThread siteVoicethread example from a Literature Class.ESL example - How I get to SchoolThis I believe: MusicHere is our example: Images of Summer
Here's another one, with a video comment.
Your homework: Create your own image of summer, comment on it, and share it with me.

Other Audio Tools
PodomaticRecord and post your podcasts for free, or have your students record themselves.Example of a Citizenship class using lots of podcastsExamples from an ESL class

VocarooVery easy, just click and record! Here is my example.
Record and upload audio >>
This would be an easy way to email a voice message to a student.
NanogongThis is a plug-in for Moodle that allows you to post audio files in a Moodle course, for dictation or other listening practice.
U.S.A.LearnsA free site with ESL video-based interactive courses for beginning and intermediate level adults

Productivity Tools for You

  • Evernote - save your notes, photos, links, audio recordings, even hand written notes, where you can get them from your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Delicious - for online bookmarking
  • Dropbox - for saving and sharing big files. You have to download the application to your computer, phone or other device in order to use it, but then you can access your files from anywhere.