Here are examples of Blogs created by teachers and learners in Adult Education:

What is a Blog?

- Here is a short article about educational blogging - what it is, how it can be used, and what the benefits are for students.

- 10 Ways you can use blogs to teach

-Mark Wagner's slides from a presentation at CUE 2008 about edublogging

-25 kinds of blogging and when to use them

-As an example, a blog by a technology mentor at a community college


- Huge list of education-related blogs from teachers, students, principals, and more

- Collection of edubloggers from all over the world. Click on Adult Education in the tag cloud - it will make you realize that you are part of an international community!

– Teaching with blogs and wikis, from the Minnesota Literacy Council. Good collection of links. by Nima Salehi


– Linda Boice at Elk Grove uses her blog to post things for her students to read, and also has her students post their own writing


– Lisa Robertson uses her blog to post math assignments and encourages students to comment on them. She also maintains a web site for her math class.

Beginning ESL

– photos of jobs, Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

– photos as grammar prompts, Barry Bakin, Pacioma Skills Center, LAUSD, Division of Adult and Career Education

- photos, videos and audio, Diane Wallis, San Francisco City College

Intermediate ESL

- an Intermediate ESL teacher in Buffalo writes a daily blog post with questions for her students to respond to, and updates on class activities for those who miss class.

- more features for intermediate students, Barry Bakin, Pacioma Skills Center, LAUSD, Division of Adult and Career Education

-slideshows, videos and other plug-ins featuring student projects, Eli Clark, MiraCosta Community College

- Main blog with links to individual student blogs at English Center for International Women in Oakland

-lesson plans in MS Word and PDF forms, Dan Spalding from Oakland Adult and Career Education

-Blog for the ESL Lab at San Diego CCD, Jim Brice

Advanced ESL

-Beth Bogage's Advanced ESL class, San Diego Community College

-Eli Clarke, MiraCosta Community College

- Sandie Linn's Advanced ESL/ABE class, San Diego Community College

- Richard Blum's classes at Oakland Adult Ed

- Diane Wallis, San Francisco City College

-Vanette Cooke, San Francisco City College

– Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

– Blog for adult migrant English program in Australia, St George College of TAFE, Sydney Institute, Australia; teacher Rosa

- Rosa Ochoa, St George College, Sydney Institute of TAFE


- Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta Community College


– BJB’s Blog: Communication class for inmates

- Gina Lobaccaro has created a blog for adult educators in Delaware. She is a prison educator, so she has a focus on corrections

Adults with Disabilities

- Ira Socol writes a blog about assistive technology and many other aspects of education for people with disabilities and for all people


- Gardena-Carson Community Adult School Art Class


– Jennifer Gagliardi, Milpitas Adult Education

– Malena Copeland, Santa Ana Community College

Administrators and Coordinators

- Oakland Adult and Community Education uses this blog to communicate to staff about program planning, budget cuts and WASC accreditation preparation

- The Principal at Hayward Adult Education uses this blog to communicate with staff and the community regarding major budget cuts to the adult education program, and agency and community responses.

- ESL Program at North Orange County Community College District (Adult Education)

Program information from West Contra Costa Adult Education

- Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education - Director John Kerr maintains a blog to communicate with staff and the community, and he has also established a blog site for each department

- Martha Rankin, Newport Mesa USD Adult Ed

- Melanie Wade, Fremont Adult School

- Yelana Zimon, Fremont Adult School

Professional Learning Communities

- Francisca Wentworth, Jefferson HSUSD, Adult Division

Anthony Burik, Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Rob Jenkins, Rancho Santiago CCD, Orange County Adult Ed Teachers Network

Teacher Reflection

Barry Bakin's thoughts and reflection about adult education and technology

Marian Thacher: thoughts and reflections about adult education and technology

Rick Kappra, San Francisco City College

Linda Boice, Elk Grove Adult and Community Education

Professional Development

Jan Jarrell’s blog on transitioning adult ESL students to college

Literacy | Tech, by Jeff Carter

Technology for the Adult Education Instructor (a community college in Illinois)

K12 Handhelds, Inc. provides schools with integrated solutions for mobile technology use in education

Student Blogs

Student Blogs

OTAN Demo Blog


Blogger or Blogspot

This video can be found on You Tube on Offical Google Channel

Edublogs (especially for educators)

WordPress (nice clean design, lots of widgets)

Here's a 45 min. video that explains how to start a blog using WordPress

21 Classes (made for classes of students to be linked together)

Tumblr (for mini-blogging, short posts, lots of photos and video)

Twitter - social posting in 140 characters or less


- Former ESL teacher and social Activist, Will Coley -