OTAN @ CCAE 2016

"Adult Education: The Bridge to College, Careers, and Communities", San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel on April 21-23, 2016


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Educational Technology for College and Career Readiness

Friday, April 22 2016, 9:45–10:45, Salon I
Dr. Joyce Hinkson Penny Pearson, & Blair Roy, OTAN
OTAN offers many free resources for #AdultEdu teachers and administrators. The Web site houses a collection of reviewed Web sites, online lesson plans, student success stories, and technology integration videos. OTAN staff offer educational technology professional development in many formats and on many topics to support adult learner success.

Handout with notes and links:

EdTech Planning for Adult Learners Success

Saturday, April 23, 2016, 10:15–11:15, Salon H
Branka Marceta & Penny Pearson, OTAN

Handout with notes and links:

Apple TV + iPad = Interactive White Board
Friday, 3:15–4:15, Bayside
Francisco Pinedo, Soledad Adult School, OTAN Trainer



Using MultiMedia on Adultedcourses. Org

Friday, 3:15–4:15, Salon G
Francisca Wentworth, Jefferson Adult School, OTAN Trainer
link to handout - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19EQKJ8mJbegX_2suNVXAOUX3jVZ3-OTOjKvE76TDYvM/edit#slide=id.p11

Online Resources for the Classified Staff Toolbox

Saturday 10:15–11:15, San Ramon
Suzanne Murphy, Pittsburg Adult Education Center, OTAN Trainer

Handout with notes and links:

Citizen Preparation Resources for Adult Education

Saturday 11:15–12:15, Salon G
Jennifer Gagliardi, Milpitas Adult Education, OTAN Trainer

Paper (Tests) to Pixels: Lessons Learned from One Technology Project

Saturday 11:15–12:15, Salon J
Anthony Burik, Mt. Diablo Adult Education


USA Learns: Free Online English Learning Website and Tools–NEW!

Friday, 3:15–4:15, Salon I
Melinda Holt, Sacramento County Office of Education