OTAN at CUE 2017

How to Create and Maintain a Positive Online Presence



As the world becomes increasingly connected, digital identities are no longer optional. This session provides practical ways to create and maintain a positive online presence, especially for administrators and teachers.

- About OTAN
- google yourself - activity - anything you found that surprised you
- what people can find about you - facebook, twitter, instagram, your google account
- how tracking can be useful - demo the map....
- how to remove stuff - request to remove from google cache, bonus: log out of all devices with your google account
- professional and personal accounts- how to create positive online presence - linked in, locked down personal stuff, participate in a professional blog and public discussion boards- good writing - consider Grammarly- online presence for agencies/schools - if you are not on, someone else may mis-represent you - using twitter for emergencies
- bonus - google slide explore- follow up: quizziz