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Thanks to new developments in programing, many sites allow you to log in and customize your home page with various elements of interest to you. This is the case with iGoogle, MyYahoo and many others.

One online service that goes a step further allows you to make your personalized page public. Pageflakes is a relatively new type of web-page building tool that many techie educators are using to create very easy and quick Web sites for their students to refer to. One nice feature of Pageflakes is that it works with RSS feeds and other technologies that are built into blogs and other online services. This means that if you include a blog as one of your "pageflakes," whenever that blog changes, your pageflake will automatically be updated too and display the most recent version of that blog.

Barry Bakin, Division of Adult and Career Education, LAUSD


Once someone signs up, they can actually copy an entire existing page and then make it their own by changing only the information that needs to be changed. It's a great timesaver for someone wanting to start up. For example, a teacher could simply copy Barry's entire page, re-save it as their own under their own account, then change the welcome message, picture, links etc. This eliminates the worry about creating the basic structure.

Here's a video tutorial on Getting Started with Pageflakes

Here's a video tutorial on Personalizing your Pageflakes

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