Web Tools for Administrators

Kentucky Adult Education Program Directors Institute
April 14, 2010

Marian Thacher, OTAN, mthacher at otan dot us

Here is my handout. WebToolsAdminKY_Handout2.doc

And here are the slides (3 to a page, color): Web Tools for Admin_KY3color.pdf

Slides, 6 to a page, black and white: Web Tools for Admin_KY6bw.pdf

· Background on Need for Technology in Adult Education

o Reach Higher America report, CAAL, http://www.nationalcommissiononadultliteracy.org//report.html

o The Power of Technology to Transform Adult Learning, Mary McCain, CAAL, http://www.caalusa.org/POWER_OF_TECH.pdf

o Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Indpendent Online Learning

o New Horizons Report http://www.nmc.org/publications/2009-horizon-report

o The National Education Technology Plan 2010 (draft posted March 2010) http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010

· What is Web 2.0?

Watch the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=NLlGopyXT_g

Poll Everywhere - http://www.polleverywhere.com

· Blogging

See adult ed examples on the wiki
Sites to create your own:
www.schoolwires.com (total school website solution)

· Wikis

The Adult Literacy Education wiki - Wiki.literacytent.org
Adult Literacy Wiki, 5 yrs old, now over 1300 pages
More adult ed examples at http://webtwopointohinadulted.wikispaces.com/Wikis
Video by CommonCraft: http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis- plain-english

· Cell Phones

Text Messages
T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net
AT&T: phonenumber@txt.att.net
Cingular: phonenumber@cingularme.com
Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Verizon: phonenumber@vtext.com
Nextel: phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

Picture or Video Messages
Can be a different email, such as AT&T: phonenumber@mms.att.net

Posting an Audio File
Gabcast – www.gabcast.com - Post audio files, a regular “radio show,” invite others to post
Drop.io – http://drop.io – another free service to post almost anything
DropBox – www.dropbox.com – lets you save materials from one computer and make them available on another one. Have to
download the software. Basic version is free.

· iPod Touch Links to lists of apps Flashlight - http://www.uquery.com/apps/285281827-flashlight-3

· Google Docs


· Meeting Planning

o Meeting Wizard – lots of features www.meetingwizard.com

o Doodle – Fewer features, but easier to use,

o Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking


· Save your bookmarks online
· Share with friends and colleagues
· See what others are bookmarking

Social Networking

Ning.com – easily create a social network with discussion forums, blogs, photos, videos, docs

LinkedIn.com – professional networking

FaceBook.com – primarily social, but many professional organizations have a presence

Twitter.com – short posts, quick communication, part of a “channel” or group, such as a conference