sl-logo.jpgAlso known as
MOO: Multi-user domain, Object-Oriented
MMORPG: Massive Mulit-player Online Role Playing Game
MPOVE: Multi-Participant Online Virtual Environment
MUD: Multi-User Domain
MULE: Multi-User Learning Environment
MUSE: Multi-User Simulated Environment
SW: Synthetic World

These virtual worlds offer an inviting environment for learners to engage in learning projects such as:
- constructing a time line about historical events
- creating buildings and whole cities applying math, science, and language arts skills
- creating and running virtual business
- and much more.

- Second Life []
- The River City Project []
- Quest Atlantis []
- Whyville []
- schMOOze U []
Before any type of 3d visualization was possible, this text-based portal was established in 1994, specifically designed for ESL learners.

More resources about Second Life:
- NPR's Science Friday story Aug 31st, 2007 []
- Kevin Jarrett's blog
- YouTube video by Global Kids created in SecondLife about a child soldier's experience