OTAN's Technology and Distance Learning Symposium - Notes from Facilitated Lunchtime Discussions

Technology Skills for Computer-Based Testing | Distance and Blended Learning and Teaching | Open Education Resources | Technology Integration in the Classroom
Introduce yourself to the group, tell them where you teach and what you do in relation to the topic, or what questions you have.

Technology Skills for Computer-Based Testing

- Some OTAN resources
Technology Skills for the 2014 GED Exam
GCF Learn Free - Computers
TAKE NOTES at this link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qXf4RPKsez3NVyvQ0PVeHxoH_73IcL84vnjvLjCqLEU/edit

Distance and Blended Learning and Teaching

- Some OTAN resources
Distance/Blended Learning - Guest Speaker
Distance Learning Resources on OTAN
TAKE NOTES at this link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F6xDnF5zqVHRnnmO2FWQmSXqS-8z1hnrak32bMVKvjI/edit#

Open Education Resources

-Some LINCS resources
Open Educational Resources to Increase Teaching and Learning of STEM Subjects in Adult Education
TAKE NOTES at this link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R0bXmFWY_FYKCX5_fe-jGeUlAVBnAvlcgxFcE5mK3V8/edit

Technology Integration in the Classroom

- Some OTAN resources
Teaching with Technology
TAKE NOTES at this link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AY9FLc7mxkyoAyQ3KuXVuXkx9394oAZvi3lU0zmlKgY/edit#

OTAN's Technology and Distance Learning Symposium - Notes from Un-conference Session

Group 1 - Shark tribe

Brainshark.com - upload ppt and narrate slides

Moodle - Book module

Group 2 - Tree tribe

Prezi - presentation software

Evernote - search for topic and find notes from Ss, maybe even search for mistakes for example there-their-they're

USA Learns - more resources on the blog by Evelyn Fella

Notability - iOS app for note taking

Group 3 -

Marshall Adult Ed Web site - reading - leveled and writing practice

Google Docs - T types as things are happening - Ss have access to the notes ...

Algebra2go.com - Pre-algebra & more from Saddleback College

GCFlearnfree.com - Literacy, numeracy, lifeskills, tutorials

Group 4 - Myshark tribe

Creating ePorftolios in Google Docs


Photo Babble

Group 5 - Whale tribe

empty glass amplifies sound from your phone



Group 6 - the lost tribe



QR Codes




Favorite apps


What's app




Here's an update from Penny about some of the cool tools she discovered (or rediscovered) during Fall CUE 2013.

Flubaroo - an auto-grading script you can add to your Google Spreadsheets. Allows teachers to email results to students, get reporting and analysis on student performance, per-question analysis and more. 3-min demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QJ60szcUbBE

Sergio Villegas - NapaLearns.org facilitated a discussion with administrators on how to "get your teachers excited about integrating technology" Shared resources: Great site for "YouTube Essentials" where he provides a list of nice YouTube related links; Keepvid.com - download YouTube videos in 3 file types; View Pure - strips out all the distractions of related videos, comments and promoted videos (can't get to it at SCOE though); Embed Plus - lets you upgrade video embeds with enhanced playback (slow, reverse, replay, loop, next, zoom) add annotations, allow for web reactions (this could be cool for teachers!) He also provides resources for managing your YouTube Account (turn off video recs, change default settings, erase and stop watch history) Other coaching resources include screencasting, digital lesson plans, grading, Google apps, Google sites, Google dogs and more.

TweetBeam - A Twitter wall used by administrator during her staff meetings - she was able to pull in relevant hash tags and they displayed on the screen to show teachers how useful Twitter could be for their PD. This might be a cool tool to use during TDLS.

Sergio also used Google Moderator - and it looks like a great tool to use in conference settings; they get to post questions/ideas and VOTE on them. Then based on the vote, facilitators can guide further discussion.

Formative Assessments with Mobile Devices (Amazing!) Molly Hardy & Greg Pitzer, Cupertino Union School District. Showed some amazing tools to use with mobile devices, my favorites:
Infuse Learning - (free, but paid upgrade modules will be offered later ) allows teachers to create very interactive assessments that students answer on any device with web access - translates into multiple languages, pushes content to students like videos; drawing tools as part of an assessment. This would be great for language learners!
Geddit - Student centered learning from those Australians again. :) See the intro video from the link. Free. This one is very cool on a tablet or a smart phone.
NearPod Pushes content to students devices (requires free app) Can provide quizzes, polls, free text activities. This was amazing what they were able to do and have students interact with the materials live.
Knowmia - a great site from FastCompany where they provide over 17,000 lessons in a free library, help to creative interactive assignments. They have a lesson creation app from Apple, looks like it could be a good tool for teacher-created content.
They also used Socrative, Poll Everywhere and Exit Ticket.