Here are some examples of wikis created by teachers and learners in Adult Education
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Professional Communication Wikis

Adult Ed Literacy Wiki

CALPRO - Professional Learning Communities Wiki

California Dept of Ed Consultant's wiki for Career Tech Ed information

California Dept of Ed Consultant's wiki for New Administrators

California Adult Education Budget Cuts Wiki

Collection of ideas on using cell phones in the adult ed classroom

Independent Learning Center wiki by Leila Rosemberg

EL Civics Sharing Site

English Center for International Women staff wiki

West Virgina wiki for ABE teachers

Adult Students Technology Success Stories [password:otanwiki]

CATESOL Wiki for planning the Electronic Village, 2009

ESL Staff Development Registration Wiki by Liz Koenig, LAUSD DACE

OTAN Wiki for online trainers (membership required)

Collaborative Projects

Mr.Bakin & Mr. Gundy's collaborative project ESL studemts create pages and post infromation about three main topics: travel destinations in their countries, travel destinations in the US, and Information about the communities they live in.
California Adult Ed wiki for sharing resources and templates between agencies

Kara Whittingham's project page. Kara is a Teacher at Randwick TAFE (Technical and Further Education), part of the Sydney Institute of Technology). Kara's students work collaboratively on a project and post the results on the wiki. Of special note to those who are interested in enhancing "retention" and "goal setting" is that the project requires the students to investigate the services the school provides to assist a student who would like to get information about a career choice or path. During the project, therefore, the students learn critical information that will help them plan and achieve their own future goals.

Flat Classroom Project - Not adult education or ESL, but a great example of a project that includes a wiki among other things. a collaboration between students in Georgia and Bangladesh

Santa Ana Community College ABE and Arkansas High School students collaborate on a wiki and through Video Conferencing

Student Activities

Newport Mesa Adult School students created a wiki for their student council.


Diane Villanueva, Elk Grove Adult and Community Education

ESL, EL Civics, CBET, Citizenship

Citizenship class wiki with slides, audio files, and more, by Jennifer Gagliardi at Milpitas Adult School

Jose Lopez Mercedes at Santa Ana Continuing Education has his students create a Voki

CBET Resources from LAUSD, edited by Liz Koenig

Games Created by ESL Teachers, wiki for a presentation by Margaret Teske, Mt. San Antonio College ESL

Rebecca D'Harlingue's wikis for 3 different classes, ESL and Spanish

ESL wiki by Kristi Reyes

ESL wiki by Vincent Nunez

EL Civics wiki by Christina Niven

ESL Lab @ Mission Campus - is this in California? Can't tell

Barry Bakin's wiki - a way to organize podcasts in the order one wants them to be displayed, not in the most recent podcast order that podcast websites display podcasts

Barry Bakin's video tutorial on creating links in PB Wikis + Barry's wiki created as a supplement to OTAN online trainings

Vanette Cook - City College of San Francisco

Non-Adult Education Wiki Examples

English Place - a wiki for high school ESOL students

Culture and Current Events - an academic writing class at San Jose State University, with good examples of how to set up a class wiki in teams and with individual student pages.

This writing course by the same teacher as above has links to video assignments, and each student page uses a variety of Web 2.0 sites to complete assignments.

Language Links - A wiki for pre-service teachers to share links and information about language teaching

Collections of Education Wikis

More examples of education wikis

Collection of Adult Education wikis on PBWiki

Wikis in Plain English, a video by Commoncraft

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